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We have a wide network of skilled interpreters throughout the southeastern United States. Experienced interpreters can dramatically facilitate your presentation, meeting/business negotiation with Japanese parties. Our interpretation services are classified into three grades in order to meet your expectation or budget limitation. To ensure the highest quality of service, we will ask you to provide us with the related background materials so that the assigned interpreters can familiarize themselves with the topics to be discussed prior to the service date. Also, if you are requiring A-grade interpretation services, please try to make reservation ample time in advance.

Grade Description Minimum Chg (4 Hrs.) Add per Hr.
Grade A Presentation, Seminar, Business Meeting, Legal Deposition $600 $100
Grade B Convention assist, Information Desk, etc. $320 $75
Grade C Dinner Assist or Other hospitality-related jobs. $260 $65

*Out of town assignment is 12 hrs minimum. Charges such as Accommodation, Transportation, Meals and Parking are excluded.


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